Social Media Integration



Let your users tell the world about you

Social media is one of those "cool" words that folk use when they want to sound like they've got their finger on the pulse of current technology, but what does it really mean?


What is social media?

There are so many things called "social media":

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Blogs
  • Wiki's
  • Even mobile technologies like texting or blackberry messaging
  • Google talk, MSN, ipadio ..... the list goes on!

The element that all these things share is the social aspect. It is media that people use to interact with each other and today its a massive part of the internet and a large part of your website optimisation so whether that be commenting on a blog or posting messages on Facebook it you need to be part of it.

Creating and top notch online presence can be time consuming but we've integrated social media directly into websites for many of our client to help them get the best out of todays current technologies with as little effort as possible and allow the users of their website help this process and improve online presence.

5 reasons you should be using social media

  1. A website is an important part of your brand, but lets face it - it just sits there waiting for users to come you. Social media empowers you to go people and take your products and services directly to the people that need them.
  2. Improving your customer service and build reputation with social media is easy. I recently saw company give someone a discount code via their Facebook group when they raised a complaint. That is great customer service right there in the public eye. Don't let all your hard earned customer loyalty take place behind closed doors.
  3. Social media offers some really useful tools in your search engine optimisation armoury. It give users easy tools to link back to your site without you having lift a finger.
  4. You can use social media to get the information you want to know about your products and services direct from those that are using them. There are a wide range of tools which help you to see what your customer are saying about you enabling you to review what you do with real information.
  5. Find new business - One size does not fit all and different people search for things in different ways. Using social media helps you be in more than one place at one time and gives people the opportunity to find about you from various sources.