Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimisation is all about working to ensure your website is fully optimised to perform well in the search engine results for things like Google and Microsoft Bing. Getting your site to out perform the millions of other websites out there on the internet is not always a simple task, and some companies make outrageous promises and often resort to what is known as Blackhat SEO techniques which revolve around trying to trick the search engines - such techniques have a sort lived life span and typically will result in your website being penalised by the big boys in the search engine world.

At tappetyclick we only use ethical techniques and focus on delivering high performance with natural search and organic search results. Our methods ensure that your results have longevity and quality. We develop our sites with search engines in mind right from the start and have already chosen our content management systems because both Drupal and WordPress are very search engine friendly as standard.

Optimising beyond web traffic

Website optimisation is not just about traffic - what's the use of a million visitors to an e-commerce site if only 1 person ever buys anything, ok so that's a bit of an extreme example at tappetyclick our search engine optimisation service is not just about the traffic. It about converting that website traffic into real results and we can help you focus in on conversion rates to make sure that users become "your users" not just passer's by.