WordPress is probably the most popular blogging tool available on the internet - now that's an impressive start!

Whilst WordPress may have started life as a mere blogging tool its open source nature and plugin based architecture have meant that now it is way more. It now incorporates customisable menu's and content types as well as the ability for developers to extend built in content types, meaning that a simple blogging system quickly becomes a content management system for your website.

It still retains its blogging roots - and to be honest if you're building a blog its a lot better than Drupal (tho don't say that to the Drupal community)

Why use WordPress?

  • The WordPress plugin repository is massive. Developers from all over the world contribute and constantly expand it making integrating all sorts of functionality from payment systems to audio players simple and cost effect to add your site.
  • WordPress offers a very simple theming system allowing us to deliver websites quickly with high quality markup
  • WordPress is search engine optimisation (SEO) friendly
  • WordPress has a simple and easy to use adminstration interface and offers all sorts of cool features like drag and drop file upload.