Despite the somewhat scary logo, Drupal is actaully quite a nice content management system.

In actual fact Drupal is actually what they call a "Content Management Framework". In other words it trys not be anything specific other than a tool that is great at managing your data and allows us the developers to extend it to suit your needs. This means that as much as possible you're not forced into one particular route for your website.

It is built using PHP and using MySQL which makes it simple to understand for many web developers and very cost effective to both run and host.

Why tappetyclick build websites in Drupal

There are so many reasons to use Drupal its hard to know where to start:

  • Drupal features many of the important requirments for good website foundation
    • Search engine and user friendly URL's
    • Clean standards compliant HTML markup
    • WYSIWYG editors which allow for embedding rich media (like video, audio and images) and formatting your text
    • Built in file and image libraries
  • Drupal is open source and free to install
  • Drupal has an enormously active community of developers
  • There are literally 100's of modules available for free use covering everything from CRM, to e-commerce and Google analytics
  • Drupal is flexible - You not limited to what comes "in the box". If you can write it you can do it.
  • Security is constantly updated and improved.