Content Management Systems

Content management systems (or CMS's for short) are tools which enable and empower none developers and the less technical to edit and look after the content of your website without needing to do any coding. If you're building a website today then using a content management system is almost a no brainer.

Why use a content management system

Manage your content with ease

So why should you use one - well that's the easy bit. Content system management systems such as Drupal or WordPress won't do your content for you, but it will make looking after it a lot easier. We want to help our customers to deliver thier content to thier users immediatly. Gone are the days of sending your images or your video's to a web development company and waiting for them to put it up. Now you can just upload all your information via a secure password protected area and it's there for all to see right away.

Content management system's give you a whole range of possibilities for your website such as allowing you to password protect areas of your site and only allow content to be visible to selected user groups or collect feedback from your customers into one organised place.  You can format your text and link your text to pages all round your site at a click of a button and all your pages easily carry the same style and brand consistancy through-out the whole of your website.

What content management system is best?

The sad truth of the matter is that all CMS's are not equal, what one excel's at another may not be so strong at and visa-versa, so its important to choose the right path for your business. At tappetyclick we'll help you decide what's best for your website to take it to the next level.

At tappetyclick we prefer to use Drupal or WordPress for a few reasons, firstly they are open source which means we are free to mould them to your needs and they have massive community support and secondly they are completely free, so you won't be burdened with a rediculous license fee.