Accessible & compliant websites by design

"Accessibility by design" - that's our motto

For too long people have treated accessibility as an after thought that gets bolted on to a website without really thinking about it properly. It is treated as badge of honour without any real consideration towards the people it is intended for and the result is that whilst your website might tick a load of boxes actually no-one's been helped.

Accessible doesn't have to mean bland - tragically many website that focus on accessibility just pigeon hole people groups and don't include quality web design. We understand the underlying priciples of accessibility so can bring you great design and keep your website up to scratch, delivering everything your users need.

We've been involved in building website's for wide range of disability charities including organisations for the blind, for those with mental health problems, people with alzheimer's and even world class paralympians. So if anyone should know what they are talking about we should.