A great website is now one of the best way to market your business. At tappetyclick we design, build and project manage database driven websites using open source content management systems.

Database driven means you have the power to control and change the content of website whenever your want. Add photos, videos, blogs or pages as you need and share rich content with your users.

We understand that your website is only part of the solution in today's competitive world and we'll help you understand and use all of todays technologies to get the most of your web solution.

Web Design

The quality of your web design can make or break a great website. We work with a team of talented web designer to ensure your website is cutting edge and represent the best of your company or project.

It's the latest must have!....and actually for once this one is worth having. Have your managed to work out how use twitter or Facebook for your business, let us help you tell your tweets from your twerps?

Content Management Systems

Sadly these don't manage your content for you (now wouldn't that be nice!) but they do make the process of keeping your website bang up to date much simpler. No fiddling with HTML or trying to get your developers to make changes for you.

Accessible & Compliant websites

"Accessibility by design" - that's our moto. We'll ensure your website meets and deliver on todays accessibility standards. 

Occasionally a content management system isn't right for you, or perhaps you already have a system but no technical partner to support it. Well we've been around a loooonnnng time in this business so there isn't much we haven't seen.

Search Engine Optimisation

The holy grail of website management is to be at the top of the search results. For years this has been a black art, highly guarded by those that "know how"....well guess what as with all these sorts of things it's easy when you know how.

If used properly social media genuinely could change your business, we've integrated Facebook, twitter and blogging into a variety of websites, so let us help you jump rather than "stumble upon" (excuse the pun) the 21st century.

System Analysis & Technical Consultation

Sometimes you don't want anything built, you just want someone to guide you, our web consultancy is outstanding and we love helping people through internet maze.