Project preview:

Developing the views system was a fantastic collaborative effort between several organisations which was a pleasure to be part of. Having built the first version of the system internally the client, Substance, brought a great deal of both technical experience and obviously their massive experience in the public sector the party.

At tappetyclick we worked alongside the design and technical teams to help manage the project through the early stages and later as part of the technical build team designing and building various elements of the system and interface.

The views app is comprehenive system which allows organisations to record a whole range of customisable data against contact and produce complex reports and statistics against it. The system features functions such as variable security priviledge control who can access different parts of the system and data. The ability to generate reports/publications with integrated statistics and inforation from the data logged and much much more.

There's so much flexibilty built into this system that capturing it in just a few words is almost impossible but if you deliver personal and/or social development services and need to track and report on that work then views is well worth a second or triple look.