Project preview:

This project was a really interesting one, and we got to work with some old friends (which is always nice).

Goodness Foods was looking to update and re-style its online presence in the wholesale sector and improve overall site navigation and flow.

The website was designed by the in-house marketing team at Goodness Foods, but life being what it is sometimes its hard for everyone to keep in touch and make sure all the right questions are addressed properly - thats where we came in.

We worked closely with the marketing team to help them understand all the elements of thier current system so that the new designs could fully reflect all the functionality required by the current website.

We took a real hard look at the current website to consider how the site could best be improved and part of the outcome from this project was not just a new design, but a new data structure for their online system.

Working with the in-house IT team we developed a specification and recommendation for a content management interface that would allow for the marketing team to update the content with minimal assistance or technical expertese.

Once the design process was finished tappetyclick was responsible for producing the HTML markup for the internal IT team to integrate with the website code base. We were able to work with the design team to ensure that design to code issues were addressed with objective of ensuring the integration process was a simple as possible for the already busy IT team.

This currently in test phase so sadly you can't quite have a proper look at the outstanding results, but we'll update you when you can. Until then here's a sneak preview at  the homepage..  UPDATE: The site has now been launched so now you can look at the real thing