Project preview:

The Jesus Army homepage. All content can be managed by the Drupal CMS without out any technical expertise

The Jesus Army had a well established web presence of over 10 years but it required the web administrators to edit HTML files directly and FTP them to the server. We were able to work with the church on a complete rethink of 100's of pages and content to create 5 new websites that were much more user focussed and intuitive:

Working alongside their in-house design team we helped guide them in creating a fresh new look which, was whilst simple enough to administer and enter content for, was still flexible to enough to cope with the 5 different websites whilst maintaining a consistant brand.

www.jesuscentre.org.uk allows includes the ability to define different micro sites each with their own header branding and with the ability to delegate administrator permission to selected micro site enabling them to give controlled administrator access to different people.

The 5 sites all integrate with the churches social media presence including YouTube, Soundcloud, Flickr, Facebook and twitter enabling simple inclusion of rich media content.

The Drupal system was built using responsive tools to enable a high quality experience for users regardless of their device be it computer, tablet or mobile.

If you'd like to know more about our Drupal expertise feel free to get in touch.