• Oct 11

    Using css3pie's with HTTPS and IE6

    Really you say you're still using IE6 & IE7? I know crazy as it seems despite the fact that even the great creator microsoft has dumped IE 6 people are still using it, one brave company even went as far as charging an IE 7 tax on thier products.

  • Oct 11

    Goodness Foods - Relaunched

    We've not managed get around publishing stuff very often on this blog because we've been crazy busy (yes I know where keeping everyone informed is concerned that's a rubbish excuse) but thought this particular launch was well worthy of note - well its taken a while......

  • Sep 11

    How to create a dynamic 2nd level navigation in WordPress

    If you've ever built a proper know from scratch without just using something out the box.....ohhhhh get me! - right that has upset all the WordPress, Drupal and Joomla fanatics in one foul sweep....sorry where was I - ah yes, building a website and feeling smug...if you've ever done this then you'll have probably built a site with a header navigation that then shows the sub-navigation in left side of your page (or the right if you've got a somewhat questionable sense of design) with all the sub-page of that section that expands as you get deeper into the site.

  • Apr 20

    How time flies...

    ....when you're having fun building websites! Really the 8th of February was the last time we posted on here - that's disgraceful I hear you cry! No tips, no tricks, not even any smutty nonsense! - well "your honour" we have an excuse: the computer ate all our time (and most of our midnight oil too)!

  • Feb 8

    Create websafe filenames in ASP and PHP

    If you've ever built a website that allows your users upload files you may have discovered the frustrations that certain characters cause problems when you try to provide a download link. The solution to this (and in fact to the risk of cross-site scripting issues that could be introduced) is to transliterate the filenames after the upload to make sure they are websafe.

  • Jan 31

    Suffolk Sport School Games website launches

    Yes, yes we know - we've been a bit quiet the last few weeks....but there's a good reason. You may remember a couple of weeks back we let you know that we were working on a little olympics project. Well its all done, and today is the big day it goes live to the world.


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