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  • Jun 25

    twitter xml feeds are back!

    As you may have heard twitter have final fully deprecated version 1 of their API. One of the most annoying things about this is that it takes away all the open feeds and search functionality.....In fact it's particularly annoying for me because only recently I wrote a little article on how to selectively post to Facebook from twitter and suddenly my cunning solution doesn't work anymore.

  • May 31

    How to post to twitter and Facebook together

    If you're making any vague attempt to keep up with the monster that is social networking then you'll no doubt be on twitter and Facebook, however you may well also have realised after your initial burst of enthusiastic activity that actually trying to come up with unique stuff both twitter and Facebook is pretty time consuming and kinda you requires you to be in creative mode all the time - that or have a particular bee in your bonnet, and I don't know about you but I struggle with that......fear not I have a plan!

  • Dec 20

    How to dynamically resize the new twitter widget

    twitter have relaunched thier widgets for websites. The good news about this is that it gets rid of the limit of 150 API request per hour per IP address which was a bit of a pain particularly if you have organisations viewing pages from behind a proxy. The bad news is that its now a bit more fiddly to do things like change the size of the widget.

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