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  • Jul 11

    How can software development estimates be soooo wrong

    I was recently talking to a potential new partner. They've got load of experience building website, they're primarily a .NET company and were interested in partnering with us for PHP based websites. Not being a developer himself (oooo that sounds condescending doesn't it - sorry!) the guy I was talking to was expressing his (quite rightful) frustration about how so often the estimates his developers give him can be massively wrong....he cited one instance where an estimate of 2 days turned into 2 weeks!

  • Apr 20

    How time flies...

    ....when you're having fun building websites! Really the 8th of February was the last time we posted on here - that's disgraceful I hear you cry! No tips, no tricks, not even any smutty nonsense! - well "your honour" we have an excuse: the computer ate all our time (and most of our midnight oil too)!

  • Dec 19

    tappetyclick to work on 2012 Olympics project

    ....that sounds good doesn't it!......OK, so Seb Coe won't be popping round for a coffee that soon but its great to part of the 2012 Olympics even just a little bit.

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