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  • Apr 11

    Maintain a destination on Drupal user account menu

    I came across a little problem this week when trying to create a nice user journey using the Drupal Subscriptions module. Basically I wanted to allow a user to subscribe to various taxonomy terms in one go rather than one at a time. This meant I need to take them to this element of user account page directly rather than using the term subscribe links that the module provides.

  • Jan 14

    How to find bad a node that makes search indexing cause Drupal cron to fail

    I recently hit a problem with cron failing to run on my site. After a good few hours trawling the web and finding that none of the normal advice seemed to help me. Eventually I came across the solution.

  • Jan 7

    How to order a Drupal view by node menu weight

    Sometimes you want to repeat the items in your views list in your navigation and generally the way to do this is by putting each of the nodes in question in the menu, like this:

  • Dec 24

    Setting the FROM address in Drupal hosted on Bluehost

    I wrote an article recently on some email issues I faced when hosting my Drupal site on Bluehost.....well guess what - I came up against some more fun. The problem that arose is that the Bluehost setup does not really allow you to set the FROM address of an email from Drupal.

  • Dec 24

    Send mail to your own domain on Bluehost

    If you run a Drupal site and have ever looked at the recommend hosts (at the time writing this page seems to have been taken down) then you'll have come across Bluehost. Working on the assumption that the people who posted this information knew what they were talking about I went ahead and created an account.

  • Sep 11

    How to create a dynamic 2nd level navigation in WordPress

    If you've ever built a proper know from scratch without just using something out the box.....ohhhhh get me! - right that has upset all the WordPress, Drupal and Joomla fanatics in one foul sweep....sorry where was I - ah yes, building a website and feeling smug...if you've ever done this then you'll have probably built a site with a header navigation that then shows the sub-navigation in left side of your page (or the right if you've got a somewhat questionable sense of design) with all the sub-page of that section that expands as you get deeper into the site.

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