How to plan your social media posts

May 31

I recently wrote a post on how to publish to Facebook via twitter...I say recently - about 5 minutes ago. That post was driven primarily by my frustration with trying to keep all my social media up to date which in all honesty I fail to do.

In researching for this post. I stumbled across a nice little blog post at on planning your social media engagement and after a quite read I thought well worth sharing with my readers, so have a look. Basically it gives you some useful tips on planning so you avoid sudden burst of inspiration then days (or weeks in my case) of nothing.

Also if you want to see Facebook done well then look no further than Dawsons Music. I'm the usual cynical web developer who know's everyone is just after his contact details so never engages with anything properly on Facebook but I've been really impressed with these guys and their use of social media, and OK I'm a guitarist so that helps but these guys have managed to hook me nearly every time - Kudos to you!

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