Send mail to your own domain on Bluehost

Dec 24

If you run a Drupal site and have ever looked at the recommend hosts (at the time writing this page seems to have been taken down) then you'll have come across Bluehost. Working on the assumption that the people who posted this information knew what they were talking about I went ahead and created an account.

All was running fine until I wanted to send an email from a form. To start with I found that I could send an email fine provided I didn't want to send it to someone on my primary domain and then I'd just get the "can't send email error". The reason for this is that when you setup a Bluehost account they are expecting you to be using them for everything DNS, MX and mail etc so the default settings are not right if you're not doing that (which I'm not). The good news is that the solution is fairly simple:

  1. Login to your control panel
  2. In the "Mail" box select the MX Entry option
  3. Choose your domain from the drop-down at the top and scroll down to the MX settings.
  4. You'll see a tiny bit of text with a very hidden "more" link - click that and then in the box that appears choose the option for using an external server

Now you've done this you should find you can send mail to any email address.


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