Using css3pie's with HTTPS and IE6

Oct 11

Really you say you're still using IE6 & IE7? I know crazy as it seems despite the fact that even the great creator microsoft has dumped IE 6 people are still using it, one brave company even went as far as charging an IE 7 tax on thier products. But that still hasn't stirred various corporates like the NHS or local government into action to get rid of these questionable browsers....even microsoft knew IE 7 was terrible and brought out 8 with surprisingly swift action!

So here we are finding ourselves needing to support IE6 & 7 and yet wanting to do all the cool things you can with CSS3.....Don't panic you think there is CSS3PIE which with the possible exception of jQuery is perhaps one of the saving graces of every web developer today.

BUT when you go (as I did this week) to use the file with Internet Explorer 6 over HTTPS you'll suddenly find yourself bombarded by the damn mixed content warning and no amount of staring at the source code will reveal where this mysterious mixed content actually is,,,,,in fact I initailly mistook it for being a problem with @font-face fonts but despite what various websites are reporting actually they work fine if you're using the proper code from font-squirrel. 

I finally sumbled across this topic on the css3pie forums which had the answer.... for reasons I don't understand this is not "fixed" in the latest release of 1.0.0 so you'll still need to make this change to if you want css3pie to work in Internet explorer 6 over HTTPS.

Basically open up and search for "about:blank" you find a line that says: a.backgroundImage="url(about:blank)" do NOT as suggested here where I first found this information replace this with a.backgroundImage="url(none)" but rather with a.backgroundImage="none". Now simply re-upload your .htc file (clear your cache to be on the safe side) and hopefully the problem should be fixed - no more mixed content warning.

And for those of you that like a chuckle here's a picture....

What made me laugh even more was a friend of mine said "its funny cos she doesn't know the answer - Opera isn't a browser"......oh how the other half that just "use" internet live eh....they don't know the pain we suffer :)


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