Goodness Foods - Relaunched

Oct 11

We've not managed get around publishing stuff very often on this blog because we've been crazy busy (yes I know where keeping everyone informed is concerned that's a rubbish excuse) but thought this particular launch was well worthy of note.

You may have seen the Goodness entry in our portfolio a while ago and sadly at the time all we could show you was pictures - well its finally here the new Goodness Foods website.

Well done to everyone involved in climbing the last peak and getting it there. Maybe we're biased but we think the end result is great and the site has some really nice and clear design elements combines up to date visual with a kind of good website flow and functionality that ever site should have today. Have a look for yourself:

Website landing page by tappetyclick for clear website navigation and sign postingClear landing pages for sign-posting Product listing page with contextual imagery for users by tappetyclickProduct groups with imagary to help users

but I think my favourite page is still the staff images - its lovely to see a bit of charater on a company website these days and the layout switch on the product listing is really useful. 

website launch

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