How time flies...

Apr 20

....when you're having fun building websites! Really the 8th of February was the last time we posted on here - that's disgraceful I hear you cry! No tips, no tricks, not even any smutty nonsense! - well "your honour" we have an excuse: the computer ate all our time (and most of our midnight oil too)!

Its been a crazy few months, as they might say up north "we've been proper busy lad". But finally its calming down again. We're not twiddling our thumbs by any means but at least have some time to keep you up to date with a bit of what we've been up to. Its been pretty productive few months with a list of deadlines successfully met which I'm quite proud of so I thought its worth giving you a little run down on them.

The message listing within the Awares talk forum The first project launched this year (back in march now) was the Awares talk forum. I'll probably do a whole post on this when I get a moment cos its quite nice. It's designed to be forum with a difference and friendly to use. Designed and built completely in-house Its got some nice features and a slick modern interface. It might not quite be Facebook, but its a lot nicer than plain ole' phpbb.

Water technology list - now featuring online evidence upload and communications tools The pace didn't let up and we ploughed into working on a project for Defra - or UK government we like to say cos it makes us feel more important. We've been involved with the Water Technology List for about 10 years (my goodness is it really that long?). It's pretty complex tool allowing manufacturers to upload information about their products into system covering a range of technologies all of which need to collect different and configurable data fields. The products can then be reviewed and processed for listing on the public website to enable people to know which water efficient products they can claim tax back for.....everyone likes a bit of tax relief eh! The updates ran really well and were delivered nicely on time with smiles all round and we're expecting to be introducing some more great updates to the system later this year. By the way despite our very best efforts we couldn't make classic ASP do JSON properly so I'll be writing up on that at some point to save you a bunch of time if you ever need to do this (in nutshell give up and use XML!)

Alongside all this we've been working with Nemisys and another partner now for while to redesign, specify and change some of the core business processes and platform behind the Run Britain race license application process. It's been a fantastic journey and really enjoyable to work with such a nice bunch of people, Gavin of Run Britain was probably driven half mad by my process flow diagrams and endless phone calls (he's not mad really) but we got there in the end and on the ridiculous date of sunday the 1st of April (I know we wondered if it was supposed to be an April fools!) we finally relaunched the system. After hours of rigorous testing (No PR gibberish here - I mean hours!!), what was a considerable update and set of changes finally went public really smoothly and so thanks to all who were involved. For those of you arty types out there this was mainly system changes but in the coming months Nemisys will be relaunching the system with a new look and their usual flair of design brilliance.

Real time twitter integration with lists and accounts And last but by no means least England Hockey and Great Britain Hockey have a new look. The relaunch snuck out earlier this week and well done to the folks at England Hockey for all the time and effort they put into entering content into the CMS to allow the new design to show off the best result. 

So what next?

Well the next couple of months look to be really interesting (and busy):

  • We've just started working with the splendid folks at Triangle Consulting and Jelly Mould Creative (i know cool name huh?) on the Outcomes Star project, and we've got a whole bunch of updates planned already.
  • We've been commissioned to redesign and rebuild the new website for the Jesus Army which is due to launch in July.
  • And right now? Well apart from writing this blog post we're just doing a bit PHP CMS integration with Mailchimp for BuddhismConnect

As ever if you like what you see/read get in touch. Until next time - catch you on the other side 


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