Get Siri on your Android phone

Dec 20

So by now you've probably seen the rather smug iPhone 4S advert which demonstrates voice control of the phone, in fact they are feeling so smug about it they don't even bother to mention the app name. However the good news for those of you with Android phones is that Apple have been copying again and we've had it for ages and perhaps you just didn't know.

The idea is that you can just speak to your phone and it will do the work for you. On Android this is called "Voice Actions" and this rather cheesy Google video demo's it quite well.

When this first came out to be honest it wasn't that great but inspired by the iphone ad I tried it again and actually it was pretty good. The only failing really is that you have to have a web connection whenever you use it but it can cope with either 3G or WIFI.

Tragically whenever Apple copy an idea they have a nasty habit of making it that little bit better but you can rest assured that should that be the case Android will soon have response.

There are also a bunch of apps which offer Siri type functionality for Android but I've not tried any of them as the built in functionality works well for me. If voice actions is not your phone then look for "Voice Search" in the Android market


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