Blog: December 2011

  • Dec 20

    Get Siri on your Android phone

    So by now you've probably seen the rather smug iPhone 4S advert which demonstrates voice control of the phone, in fact they are feeling so smug about it they don't even bother to mention the app name. However the good news for those of you with Android phones is that Apple have been copying again and we've had it for ages and perhaps you just didn't know.

  • Dec 19

    tappetyclick to work on 2012 Olympics project

    ....that sounds good doesn't it!......OK, so Seb Coe won't be popping round for a coffee that soon but its great to part of the 2012 Olympics even just a little bit.

  • Dec 16

    How to move selected file types from one directory to another in PHP

    There are quite a few articles on the web for how to move all files from one directory to another but not many decent examples of how to do it for selected file types, in fact quite a lot of people don't seem to know that you can easily look at the file type of files in PHP so i've put together an easy example of how to do this:

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