How we work

Saving the world from un-helpful I.T.

Building a website can sometimes feel a bit of a scary prospect - there seems so much to understand; ASP, PHP, Facebook, twitter and then there's blogging and Analytics! At tappetyclick we want to make the web a tool for everyone and strive to make the journey as simple and painless as possible. We prefer to be part of your team rather than some distant technical guru's that only ever speaks to you (in a grumpily incomprenhensible IT manner) down the phone.

Our approach to web development

We believe in delivering the right solution for the customer - none of this "just knocking up something that will do". We take a user focussed approach and work with you to carefully design a web solution that not only helps you achieve your short, medium and long term goals but our web design team ensure that your originistion is represented with true class and the final web solution is easy for your target audience to interact with. 

We can help you ensure all elements of your digital marketing, website design and technical web development or content management system integration process to ensure you have an integrated approach to various areas of your organisation.


How we support our customers

You are not an interuption to our work - you are the reason for it

Just because we like the cuddly approach to customer relationships doesn't mean we shirk on systems or managing our communication properly - we run an online support portal which allows you to submit issues, ideas or jobs requests any time of day or night. You can easily see what position all your support tickets are at any and have a full history on each element of work.

Behind the scenes

Your code is our crown jewels (and no-one likes losing them). Like any good web development company all our code is managed through source-code control systems so we don't have to worry about losing anything or remembering why we changed something. Your new website is in safe hands!